Smooth inward levels in domes

Hi everyone,
is there a way to have a “swimming pool” like shape on a dome with subdivision modifier, with edges sharpened with Shift-E, without the corners bulging outwards sharply as in the attached image?
Thanks in advance!


You need to add some loop cuts around the area you want to put the ‘pool’ in. The loop cuts will help to hold the mesh closer to the origibnal surface. You can do it by first selecting the face and then applying the inset tool and toggling it to outset instead. That will put a loop around the face for you. Add one more inset without toggling it to outset, and you will now have two loop cuts to hold the face in place better when you extrude it inwards.

Hope that helps!

P/S. Inset tool has parameters that can be set in the tools menu at the bottom where that little menu slides up. They’re only there until you edit the mesh after you add the inset.

Thank you! I can already do that But I want to hold the hard edges look of the pool shape.
I want to acheive something like this before applying the subdivision modifier and extruding it afterwards:

Apologies for double posting, I kindof figured the issue out, the problem is applying shifft-E on an edge that you want sharp sharpens it on all axis by grabbing on its corresponding subdivided, and there’s no way to choose which axis to sharpen the edge on. To illustrate, in this image the cylinder on the left has the middle “spiking” edge sharpened with shift E and it creates an unwanted line in the middle, if there was a choice to choose the “sharp” axis I’d only have to choose sharpening it along Y normal axis only so it’d look like the one on the right.

Is there any way to select which normal axis you want the edges sharpened on?

I have an addon called Blend4Web that has a lot of tools for normals. I think it will do what you want. I’ve never encountered that problem myself.