Smooth jagged parts of clothes from cuts from daz3d

hey so
i did manage to get the workflow to go from daz3d to blender for modifying clothes from their marketplace
literally it says the clothes are intended to be modified, thats why they are for sale

then literally no documentation whatsoever on how to do that

literally should be set up so a 9th grade girl could use all of it in her class in school

i did bisect tool stuff which is a thing - literally the knife and the bisect tool go hand in hand and theyre collapsed into the same widget
so u cant just select a tool u gotta do the “switch a tool” which makes no sense for two tools that have to be used together

when i do that, if i can get the inner region to be what its supposed to be, which is dependent on the shape of the object
that is clean and everything and actually really nice - i think it does something extra in the process though

so for the things that it wont do the region right on bisect
i had to employ other selection options, and this literally was 2 things and one is literally just select all the vertexes with a select tool

so when i do that i get this and you can see, in the front it might be simple IF THERE IS SOMETHING TO CLICK On
to remove the 4 pieces or whatever they are

but off to the right a bit its triangles and thats not gonna work over there

so what is the appropriate 9th grader level solution for this ?

I find that Knife and Bisect are great for straight lines…but that’s it!

In something organic, it just doesn’t work well…I am a great user of the KNIFE-PROJECT option…you can use Circles as well as Bezier-curves to layout the cut. One thing to remember Knife-Project works best in a orthographic view, but that is not a problem if you want symmetrical designs…asymmetrical not so much. Since the clothing is always in a T or A pose it works well.

Process is still a bit convoluted till you get used to it…then the only hard part is making your cutter, and cleaning up the results if needed.

I didn’t have a garment handy so just made up a chunk of fabric for an example…

I first added a plain circle, moved it around to place, changed to Orthographic View …then shift-selected the fabric. In edit Mode selected Knife-Project under the Mesh Drop-down…make sure to check the checkbox on the popup in the lower left…if all went well then it should have everything colored yellow inside your cut object. Under Mesh again select separate by selection…back in object mode, you can select the part you just cut off or out and either delete it or save to work on for other cuts…
Top View…circle cutter and Bezier Curve…white sections were cut…

Camera View of cutters and fabric…

yeh so im getting an error 2 days on this and cant get to the rest of the info
legit u told me 50% of what i needed but thats not the problem the problem is when i got that 50
i realized u left out step 1 lol
so you left out more than fifty i think you did step 1 and then got into step 2 without finishing then did step 2 at 50% lol

im getting a error now that im caught up - is says i dont have two objects selected basically if im not wrong
i did the add mesh and its a cylinder – but i cant select it in edit mode man it wont do anything anyway anyhow

i hit L after selecting a vertex in the cloth but

yeh see this is what it looks like, cant find other object or something error - though thats too small to read

…Did you add the cylinder in edit mode? ( can’t’ read like you said, but it looks like it ) and yes I get that error also , some times and that is what has usually happened , I was working away and added the cutter in edit mode, and of course there isn’t another object now as, edit mode merges them into one…if not…then you didn’t select the cylinder and then shift select the shorts while in Object mode, then move to edit mode…