Smooth, Large Gameplay

Hello, i have played many games made with blender, all of which are in .exe form. They have all the models in seperate blender files. When i run the .exe it loads the game. I looked through all the files and there is not one file that has the whole game in one .blend. Instead it loads all the models from the files needed for the game/level. How would you go about doing something like this? If you dont understand what im saying i will re-word it and post an example.

You have to make models and the logic, group it and save blend (main hero for example). Than you make your level and link it. To do so go to File menu -> Append or link -> change Append to Link, select your blend, choose Group -> the group you want.

hope that helped


Here is a video tutorial:

Thanks for the input guys, i dont have the time right now to try it, but i will first thing tomorow, and ill post again then, thanks.

Ok I watched the video and it made perfect sense. Thank you so much for posting the link.
Thanks again.

Ok, i tried it on my own after wathcing the video, but when you use a high poly model, and make it into a group and whatever, and then you use the append link, my gameplay is still SUPER slow. Is there anyother way? Also, how do you save your game as a .exe rather than runtime?

When you save as runtime it creates the .exe for you.

A vary high poly model will usually make your game run slow, whether its linked or not
and especially if its riged with a lot of bones, unless you have a good computer.

But you probably already knew that. Linking isn’t a cheat to get around using high poly models.