Smooth mesh

Hi all,
I know this is probably easy but Im still having difficulty making a smooth mesh.
Ive done all the mesh tools and it still wont get rid of the seams
can you help please.


  1. in object mode hit the “set smooth” button found in the Links and Materials panel of the Edit buttons (you may also need “Auto Smooth” with this).
  2. in the Modifiers panel of the Edit buttons, hit “add modifer” and select subsurf.
  3. in edit mode select all the vertacies in your mesh and hit the “Smooth” button found in the Mesh tools panel of the edit buttons.

There’s probably 20 more ways to do it, but these are the three I thought of.

It looks like you’ve added a cylinder and tried to subdivide it - (simple) subdivision keeps whatever shape your subdividing, so those flat faces stay flat… subsurf is like subdivision, but tries to figure out curves (and you’d be best to start with the mesh before you subdivided it).

Sometimes I have problems getting blenda to smooth faces. But by varying (=clicking furiously) between ‘set smooth’ and ‘auto smooth’ objects usually end up with nice smoothing.

Smokingjuan already replied… but this is my version

select the object
then TAB for edit mode
A to Deselect any previous choices
switch to face selection (triangle button (ctrl+TAB?)), then…

select all the faces you want smoothed (boxselect by pressing BKEY once and selecting with mouse)

Finally Set selected faces to smooth in ‘Editing’ (F9 + click on “Set Smooth”)