Smooth my object

Yes, when I shade it smoot, it looks very smooth buuut, I get an odd shadow

You are using a mirror modifier, aren’t you?

make sure you don’t have faces inside the model where the 2 halves join.

If that’s not it, then go into edit mode, select everything, use “merge by distance” to make sure there are no overlapping faces then finally recalculate normals direction with shift+n.

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The faces in the mirror area are already deleted.

Unsure if anyone mentioned it and I am sorry but I did not saw it… however did you consider using weighted normals? it might help I assume.

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I think I still see some edges on the inner side.

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That’s it :slight_smile:

You’re right. Weighted Normals and your hint was the solution.
Many thanks for you patience :slight_smile: