Smooth NLA animation with offset bone

Can you help me achieve smooth animation, specifically with the offset bone in 2.49b?
I realize that I could just animate the whole stair sequence in one action, but the point of this file was to try to learn offset.

Basically, how do I avoid the character skipping backwards between the first and second actions on the NLA, before I can fix the second, repeating action of it jumping up the stairs?
Any other advice?

We (me and my sons) haven’t switched to 2.5x fully, yet, but this also raises the question…am I wasting my time and effort trying to learn this in 2.49b?
This shot would need to be done afresh in 2.5, as the actions don’t work there atm.

cheers in advance,

heres the blend:

Not sure why that link got covered up, but gave up on this approach anyway. Instead went for a single action for all forward and upward (body) movement, and another for blinking.