Smooth objects needs special mesh?

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I’m new to Blender scene. I would rather make use of google but I don’t know name of the erroneous effect I’m experiencing. It seems like my mesh is wrong for lighting. I may be wrong, so I’m waiting for your help.

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Make sure your face normals are all facing the correct way. Select all vertices and use Ctrl+N.
Also you’ll have better results using quads not triangles, especially if you use the sub surf modifier.

I’ve already set face normals by Ctrl+N. I can rework that thing, but I need to know the answer - why there are so strange light issues. Maybe using quads is more adequate, but there must be way to use triangles and avoid the problem.


Make sure you don’t have double vertices (W / remove doubles). Check the direction of your normals by selecting display normals, flip any if Ctrl+N didn’t sort it out.
Add your blend for the problem object to your post so we can look at it. Much much more likely to sort it out rather than going backwards and forwards with suggestions and without seeing it can’t say what the real problem is.

Two things. First, apply smoothing only to the faces that need it. The large flat areas don’t need it so you can deselect those faces in Edit mode before applying Set Smooth. As an example, create a cylinder and apply Set Smooth to the entire thing. It looks funky. Try it again but go into Edit mode and only Select the side faces and apply Set Smooth to them. Leave the top and bottom as Set Solid. It should look a lot better.

It looks like the lip around the top of the sink needs to be redone with a bit finer detail so that it is closer to the rounded shape you want. Smoothing has its limitations.