Smooth on eevee

smooth on eevee


how to smooth the image extrusion to render in EEVEE?

shade: smooth / flat is the only way?
is there another way with more quality?

Shade: smooth / flat, is it used for most cases if the render is EEVEE?


Yup. Sharp edges. First, make your whole model smooth shaded. to your object data properties tab, expand Normals, and select Auto Smooth. Set it to 180 degrees so that your sharp edges are defined solely by your marked edges.

Now, go into edge selection mode, select the edges you want to make sharp, rightclick, and select Mark Sharp.

Alternately, you can just use autosmooth, and set the degrees manually until you get something you like.

a doubt :

how did you make the curve on which the extrusion is applied?

and to apply fillet only to the edges where mark sharp was applied?
there are many ways, right?

which one has the best quality?
which one can I use to fillet the smallest geometries?