Smooth out flying animation keyframes

I’m trying to figure out how i can smooth out the flying animation of an owl i bought.
The wings should go up and down with bezier curves, but when I loop it, it doesn’t continue the curve, so everytime the animation loops the you see a hard/linear accalaration opposed to the rest, making it unnatural. How to fix this?!

it looks like that you choose “vector” for that keyframe. So select the keyframe, press V → aligned.


if this doesn’t help, pls copy the animation to a cube and upload the blend file so we can check it out.

I’ve tried to convert to aligned, but the problem persists. I’ve uploaded my file to drive (to big for blendexchange) so you can take a look.

ok, please try this: select your keyframe, Press V, then choose automatic.

Repeat that for the other keyframe, like this:


You’re the best! thank you so much!:slight_smile:

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glad i could help