Smooth/Relax algorithms for poly modeling

Hi. I noticed there are multiple algoriths for relaxing on blender.

Blender has Smooth vertex and “laplacian smooth”.
There’s also Smooth, Corrective smooth and laplacian smooth as modifiers.

Even then, with two addons (that come with blender) we have yet more algorithms “Relax” and Looptool’s relax.

I’m lost with some many algorithms!

My conclusions after reading the manual are these:

Laplacian smooth - Good for smoothing scans - Also in edit mode
Corrective smooth - Good for smoothing deformations caused in rigging for animation
Smooth - Good for hard surface and modeling phase - Also in edit mode as smooth vertex
Looptool’s smooth - Seems a bit buggy, has various algorithms
Relax from relax addon - Looses more detail than Smooth (vertex) (Which migh or might not be what you want)

You may want to look at “Volume Preserving smoothing” addon by bartoszstyperek. It’s nice in that you can do the smoothing while preserving the shape Volume.