smooth/rounded edges

(nikitos) #1

I’m relatively new to blender, and i wonder how can i get a cube to have rounder vertices/edges. Btw, when i render a model, the image has really rough ugly edges, is there a way to anti-alias them?


(IngieBee) #2

Hi, try this tutorial. I don’t think it’s outdated (although it’s old) I think it still works the same. Let me know if you have a problem :slight_smile:

Love Ingie

(tordat) #3


1.)There has been a discussion on dices lately

2.)In the Display Buttons menu (F10) press the OSA button for anti-alias
Smoothness can bee adjusted with the small buttons below it. Higher
value smoother and slower rendering.

3.) These technichal questions are better asked in the Questions & Answer
section and there are a bunch of other topics which might be interesting for you.

4.) With the search function of this forum you can evaluate if there are older posts and answers for a problem, so you eventually don’t have to wait for an answer.

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(nikitos) #4

i’m sorry, i just found the info on anti aliasing in the BlenderBase…but thanks anyways. Oh, thanks for the tutorial, i’ll check it out.


(valarking) #5

wrong forum