Smooth Sculpting Help

Hello fellow humans O.o

I need some help

So I’m trying to figure out Blender sculpting and I’m running into a snag. I can’t seem to figure out getting the right amount of Subdivision levels for smooth sculpting like in Zbrush Every time I sculpt something it’s blocky and has a low poly count.

My goal is to simply import STL, or OBJ files into Blender from Zbrush and use the cloth brush.

In order to do that I needed to learn basics of sculpting, and none of the tutorials I’ve seen seem to fully explain the process of hot to get enough subdivision level for smooth sculpting

Also How do I import STLs/OBJs and use the cloth brush then export them ? Is there a limit to how many polygons that blender can handle, and what is that limit? Some of my OBJs are around 3million to 10 million polygons would I have to lower them to import them into blender?

Yep anyone know the answers to the above questions. this is for work and I need this solved as soon as possible. Got a few views but no hits yet.

Please help.

Enable Dynamic topology for sculpting.

Also, watch Dynotopo tutorials on how to use it.

Well, that would be the obvious thing to do. Why do you need to subdivide the meshes further if you’re importing them up to 10 million polycount. This is more than enough res to achieve cloth detsils. Some screenshots always help.