smooth shading is being mean to me....

Oh the humble tire iron, it is both a zombie killing machine, and a pain in the butt!
ok so the problem is, is that i made the tire iron with an 8 sided cylinder,and in order to get rid of these crinkles in the mesh that from at that bend in the tire iron i need to use smooth shading, but when i use smooth shading i lose all the definition from the 8 sides. i want the tire iron to be clearly 8 sided but i also dont want the crinkles at the bend.

someone help!!!

BY THE WAY: here are those crinkles im talking about…

Add an ‘Edge Spit’ Modifier, then a “Subdivision Surface” modifier.


Try FloridaJo’s suggestion.

If you don’t like the sharp edges it gives, then add loopcuts close to the 8 edges of the cylinder.

Subsurf alone should then give a realistic result. Play with how close the edge loops are.

Before you go too far, tire iron has smooth cylindrical surface on the outside with hex recess at the end:

Ok but for future reference how would i keep the 8 sided look with smooth shading on?