Smooth shading poor tiling

Quick question: I am modeling a guard rail, and when I have “flat” shading enabled everything looks OK. However, when I enable “smooth” shading, the guard rail looks like the following:

Obviously you can see that the tiling of the texture looks very poor. I made a tileable texture, so that when flat shading is enabled the seams are not visible.

I am relatively unfamiliar with texturing. All I have applied is a diffuse map (no bump / spec).

What can I do do solve this problem when smooth shading is enabled (other than “use flat shading”).

Thank you!

That’s because of those faces in each side of the model

that lead into

If you remove them

Then the shading will be

You have problem with interpolated normals, check them in edit mode.

Thank you sanctuary for the detailed response!

That solved my problem :slight_smile: