Smooth shading problems

Hey guys,

So I’ve been making some low poly objects and throwing them into Unity, with a friend. I’ve recently made a television from the 1940’s, but when it is smooth shaded, it looks… wrong. Is there a way to stop this without adding more polys?
Even in unity it looks like this:

Notice the ugly lines disrupting the smooth shading, coming from the yellow-ish speaker? That’s my problem.


Edit: Might I add that I can’t just simply click ‘flat’ shading, as it still does it in Unity.

1). Try using the edgesplit modifier, if the exporter to Unity can pick up the results, then it should look a bit better.
2). You seem to have quite a few thin triangles in the model, I advise you should try to reduce the number of them as well as create better topology, as that can affect the quality of the shading.