Smooth shading question

Hello Blender heads!

I’ve imported my logo which is SVG, and I’m turning it into a mesh from curve, then limited dissolve. when I extrude it
in order to have better shades and reflections, I’m adding a smooth shading to the one on the right. But its not looking great. Is this because
from all the process from the SVG to the limited dissolve command its not a uniform shape, and it has lines on its surface
causing this awful result? Is there a way for the top part of the logo to be one mesh rather than having lines going across the shape?

Thank you!

Add an Edge Split modifier

Few ideas…

  1. remove doubles and recalculate normals
  2. set smooth whole mesh than play with smoothing angle in object data tab
  3. set flat shading on flat surface and smooth shading on curved surface then play with smoothing angle in object tab

Hope it helps.

Take care.