Smooth Shading

Is it possible in Blender to set the amount of smooth shading when the button ‘Smooth Object’ is pressed, smoothing the faceted edges? For instnace: a ramp with angles at a min. of 15 degrees and a max of 40 deegrees - the object would be smoothed as a whole, which edges outside the ramp (the base) that have angles, say, at 120 degrees - the whole object would be smoothed with the computer calculating the object smoothing at 120 degrees. If I just want the edges to be smoothed at 45 degrees (so the ramp part would only be smoothed), is this accomplishable in Blender?
Thanks! Sorry if this was a bit confusing.


Below are values of 1, 15, and 20 - Also shading is per face, so in these examples the sides of the object are set to hard.


You can also to The Edge Split modifier to get the same results on in real time. With Auto-Smooth you have to render to see but edge split shows you in the viewport.