Smooth Slow Motion? - Video Editing

Hey all,
I have a DV camera that lets me capture video at 60fps non interlaced.
I want to do some slow motion scenes and have been using blender to re-render sequence strips at 30fps or less, and blender does an awesome job of producing smooth slow motion

However when I play back the rendered sequence in blender its beautifully smooth (even rendering at 10fps and playing it back in blender) but when I play it in any other video player e.g windows media player or media player classic, it looses all its smoothness and becomes choppy, and looks like a cheap slowed down movie from 25fps to 10fps!!!

The camera definitely captures at a real 60fps and saves in .avi format, (it’s a good canon camera not some cheap crap). I have been re-rendering in AVI Jpeg 90% (preview size).

Any ideas how i can get smooth slow motion from my 60fps non-interlaced source material?

Thanks all. :spin:

You can use Avisynth or even virtualdub and choose a smart deinterlace filter to give you 60 frames/sec progressive scan. You can slow it down 2X and it will be smooth. You can even do 240 frames/second or more with your DV camera using mvtools. mvtools does pixel motion tracking and actually interpolates and adds filler frames so you get smooth slow motion but it adds some artifacts. There is lots of information on how to do this on Google.

in the vse, the speed control has a frame blending function

The problem is probably in your output. What ever you are rendering to is not matched to what you are previewing with in Blender. That is why media player may play it in correctly. I have seen Blender fail to output the correct FPS of a quicktime file. Everything I render from Blender into the quicktime format is always a 1fps file. Maybe something similar is happening with AVI output? When it comes to getting work done, I always render out to a frame sequence and use a reliable compositor like After Effects to generate the final motion output at the correct FPS.

Hey guys,
Thanks for the replies, I need to try what each of you said cause I havn’t tried any of those ways before! :eek:
Cheers! :yes: