Smooth vertices along on a curved mesh

I’ve deliberately, misplaced the top vertices of the mesh, added a subsurface modifier which smooths the curve, but as seen in the example it does have a jagged curve. Is there a which makes a smooth curve when I select the vertices, which then gives me the option to manipulate the curve/bend.

Thank you.

Not sure what your goal is…since you deliberately move the vertices on the plane…
There is at least one way to add a curve control to the plane…
First I would select those vertices and Scale>Z>zero to flatten them once again…then with the subsurface already on there in object mode…add an empty…select your plane and add a simple deform modifier set to the empty as the axis, and set to bend…( you will have to pick the right direction, of the deform I guess X should be it…)…in the deform modifier select the amount of curve angle…check it as you might have to subdivide the edges once more to get a very smooth curve…

The one major problem is it is going to curve the top and bottom…and if you want the bottom square, you would have to apply the deform modifier and select the bottom vertices and again Scale>Z>zero.

Try uaing the relax function from the LoopTools Addon

Thanks for that, it was a swift solution!

Kind regards.

Thanks for the reply RSEhlers, But I noticed from another post that from the loop tools addon, the relax function worked well, and also the curve functions as well. Your method is also helpful. Lots of alternatives of doing things, so I’m constantly gaining more experience getting all these various instructions.

Kind regards.

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