Smooth walking

My walkcycle doesn’t really show up walking but sliding when u make it move. That’s because it moves with the same speed the whole time, how could I make a realistic speed for it?

no hints to get this done?

Check out this thread and see if you can work out what’s going on. There are some great new tools for this kind of thing in the CVS version.

There are ways to do this in the current release also, but the new way is so much better that it’s almost not even worth learning the current way. If you’re curious, though, the current way is to use a “stride bone”. If you search on that term you should find some pointers on how to set it up.

could u give a nice explanation how to use it? I saw the thing downloaded a blender file but I can’t make my thing work the same.

Have you read the entire thread? There is the main documentation here

And then there are a lot of explanations in that thread of how to get it working by me and other people, so try to get as far as you can until you hit a specific problem. When you do, you might want to ask it in that thread.

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “downloaded a blender file”. You can download the sample .blend file, but this is not enough. The functionality I’m talking about requires you to use a CVS build of Blender, not the ordinary 2.42. So you need to download that, which you can do here:

You know what! I did it :slight_smile: thanks