Smooth without subsurf

1/ Sometimes, I need very sharp edges. OK, dont subsurf. Yes, exactly. But I like to have my object smooth.

I know, I can us CTRL- R, but there still some small bevels.

I am using Cylinder and vetices 32

2/ To get lines exact in level I know to use S-Y-X-Z-0, but is there any tools how to make hole exact round like a circle

Thanks in advance


You maybe just need to add a couple more edge loops, and if you want it really sharp use the Edgesplit Modifier as well.

I made a quick .blend in case it is helpful - with Set Smooth, Subsurf and Edgesplit:-

untitled.blend (452 KB)

Prfect I vill try

Thank you

To make rings rounder:

  1. Select a ring that you want rounded.

  2. Shift+S and choose “Cursor->Selection”.

  3. Use the Mesh Tools in the Editing Panel (F9),
    click “To Sphere” and click OK.
    (You can also use Ctrl+Shift+S and type “1”
    and then Enter)

Don’t forget about creasing!

You can crease individual edges within a subsurfed object to force them to be sharper, with SHIFT+E. Creases can go from not at all all the way to completely creased (Sharp), and so on.

Not always what you want to use, but I can’t help but say don’t forget about it!

What about set smooth under F9 - under links and materials, should work as well.

Amor_Inflexi I have never sen that mention in a tut - though I model in Solidworks so I am not that big on modeling tools.

Anything I know was learned from either the wikibook Blender 3d: Noob To Pro or from my own fiddlings. I think creasing is mentioned in that, relatively early on.

I use it constantly, as I find subsurfing invaluable in almost everything I’ve done so far.

Also, set smooth is good, but doesn’t allow for quite the same thing. It just smooths the shading, rather than the actual shape, and basic models will still look lumpy, and have some odd shadow angles. Try creating three suzannes, one no subsurf and smoothed, one subsurf level 2 or 3, and one subsurf level 6, and render, you’ll see what I mean. The no-subsurf one will still look lumpy.

That can be easily achieved using the bevel tool. Just select the edges you want to bevel, then click W>Bevel, and you’re done :slight_smile: (NOTE: You’ll need to make thed edges “bevel friendly”; which basically means each vertex contained in the edges must only have 4 connections; they must only be connected to 4 other verrtices. You can easily do this by extruding the edges and scaling them down.)

If you need any further clarification, just say it!

Hope this helps,
Richard :slight_smile:

Hello, all helpful guys.

I have try every single advice you given me.

Organic, your tip how to geth edge sharp, work perfect.

disOrder66 Easy way to get objects rounder. Together with fractal button, perfect

Amor_inflexi. I try 10 times with Shift-E, Same as Alt-R, but in render, no smooth. I will study more from wiki. I promis.

I vill try one other metode to make this project. One Box, and extrude the letters out from the box. Or, you may know any other easy way.

Here is some screnshots



Today I learn a lot.
Use plane is easyer than cub and I dont need to use, subsurf for flat objects.

Here is the result.

Thank you.

By the way, I dont understand way I got this messages at all. I try to bring the blender film as I made in to this reply."( Blender made film vill not be accepted of blender artists forum tread.)"

Here is the messages I got

and here is the film, but first I need to loaded in to Vimeo. Strange???

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