Hi all, what is the best way to smooth out an animation. I have a simple text scroll going and it is slightly jumpy. Thanks

Some ideas:

  1. A smaller window, so your computer has not that much do to.
  2. Adjust framerate. (25-30 frames per second can be something to try)
  3. Find a video format, where the compression doesn’t cause the film to wash out frames. (This can be a “trial and error” -task too)
  4. The program you use to play videos, does it usually play videos fine?

Can you post the video somewhere, or give some information about the technical details?

I have one of the fastest machines around so it’s not a hardware issue, all other video plays fine, I tried adjusting frame-rate and it does seem to smooth it out but it is too fast to read, am probably making a real basic error as I am pretty new to all this. Output the file in avi raw format.


TextScroll.blend (119 KB)

Like I said I am new to all this, messed up the attachment, this one should be OK? I have noticed that I am getting the same effect in the animation screen in Blender before output to video. Thanks


TextScroll.blend (124 KB)

Put the framerate to 30 fps, and change the duration of your animation to starting at 1 and ending at 180 frames (instead of 1…60). Then open NLA-editor and drag the second “diamond” from 60 to 180. This makes that you’ll have three times more frames and a smoother result.

You may want to try even bigger framerate, and scaling the animation correspondingly, because the letters are that big. (Or try with smaller letters and slower motion, or just scale the animation without changing framerate. The scrolling effect may also need setting the ipo curve interpolation to linear instead of Bezier, so you avoid the so called easy-in-easy-out speeding at beginning and slowing at end.)

Those letters are moving at quite a rate, so frame by frame snapshots is going to look very jumpy. Hit the MBLUR button (motion blur) below the Render button to compensate for this.

Edit: I also just noticed your framerate is set to 10. No wonder it’s jumpy! Normal PAL video would be 25fps and stopmotion (those jerky claymation cartoons) is often done at half that (12fps) which is why it looks jumpy as a result. At 10fps, your animation is even slower than stopmotion! Change “framerate” (FPS under the specified AVI Raw format) to 25.

Thanks to both of you, my problem is I am trying to slow down the speed of the text by dropping the frame-rate.