Smoothed things have thick black lines!

I made some good looking pill capsule things, added a floor lighting etc. But when I hit Set Smooth and rendered it, it looked like this: [ATTACH]82297[/ATTACH]

and your question is…?

Oh yes. I would like to know if there is any way to fix the black line blobs that appear on the pills when I render. You’ll see them if you look closely.

Are all the normals facing the right way?

It looks like normal lighting and shading to me. Can you zoom the camera in and take a close up shot?

I’ve recalculated the normals inside and outside.

Here’s the closeup:


have you tried removing doubles? (in edit mode select everything and press ‘w -> remove doubles’

i think you just need to place a light towards the dark spots?


Check you don’t have some faces inside your mesh. It looks like you might have made your capsules from a capped cylinder and two spheres. Make sure you’ve deleted the caps of the cylinder.