Smoothen a surface on a specific area

Hi, Amazing artists,

I wonder if I could increase a specific area of a model. I have received a 3D model as stp file and with hack could import it to blender. Unfortunately, the gear teeth surface is not smooth enough as you can see in the attached screenshot. I wonder if I could smooth up the surface of the gear teeth.

I already tried subdivision surface and unfortunately doesn’t work. See the screenshot.

Also, the Shade smooth doesn’t work and actually ruins the sharp edges of the gear similar to the subdivision surface modifier!

Do you know a hack to get by it?

Yeah, don’t even try subsurf for a model with such messy topology.
Turn on Autosmooth in the Object Data Properties panel.


Can’t you just take the main geo (flat surface) and get rid of everything else, then extrude and maybe add a small bevel? Or just model the overall shape and extrude. That would easily solve this geo.

Thanks. Autosmooth is already on.