Smoothen things up

Hi, i am working on this box for one of our clients and the moddeling is going great.
But I will net to animate it and do stills of it, it will be like a box caracter.

The thing is I want it smoother but basicly in this shape. Smoother like if you look
att the thing that you use to close the box it should be rounded but you stull see
the steps in it since it is not a super heavy mesh. So I was wondering how you
guys and girls would do it.

Subsurf kind of messes the whole mesh up, but that is the only
way I know how to smoothen a mesh up. Like a cube but with
rounded corners is usually a a way to use subsurf to make those
round corners.

But maby you have tips on how I could also do it, since i kind of need to rebuild the
whole mesh to use subsurf.



(Oh how I hate those antropomorphized objects in commercials…)

The default scheme in subsurf is Catmull-Clark, but did you try the other one (forget the name)? Then try meshdeforms etc.

Subsurf is the way to go. Use ctrl+R to cut edge loops to sharpen edges up.

And Shift + E to mark edge sharps

I generally tend to avoid it as it looks odd most of the time. Having rounded edges and perfectly sharp edges clashes too much in my opinion.

wel the edges dont have to be fully sharpened. you just pull the edge to a finer curve, - once subsuf-ed, select the edge you want to fix, and press control e … move the mouse away from the edge and you should see it change shape

exactly. Fully sharpened edges tend to look bad on everything. the only reason that they have them is for games due to poly count. that or a stylistic interpretation. there is not such thing as perfectly sharp in the real world so there shouldn’t be in 3D either