Smoother swapping between animations, In Blender game engine 2.79

I need some help making smoother animation swaps.
What i mean by that is, When your running and you ads. The running animation and the ads animation collide and glitch out. Is there anyway of fixing this. I am also willing to reanimate anything that needs it.


use different layers for animations to play on, 0 is highest prio. Also mess with the blend stat on how much frames it needs to take to transition from 1 to the other animation.

hi use that’s armature.playAction(“Action_Name”, 0, 100, blendin= 5, layer = 0, priority =0) if you mix 2-3-4 or more animation in skeleton just select layer for new animation

Tysm, For your answer

I will try that tomorrow. Thanks!!

might be easier just to make a whole new animation, running and running ads.

Oh, Thats a good idea.
I might have to try all of them out

Or i could parent the gun to a new object, that i animate separate so that its not effected by the ads movement

Animation Blending exists for problems such as yours.

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