Smoother Textures in Gimp?

Hey everyone I hope you are having a wonderful day! So, I was trying to create a Zebra texture in Gimp for a piece of 3D clothing I modeled and the way I created the zebra pattern was I selected an area using the free select tool and then I painted the area black achieving the zebra pattern now, the texture map is 2000x2000 pixels and when I zoom in, the black areas of the zebra pattern arent really smooth around the edges.

What would u recommenced for smoother texture painting? Some kind of brush? Or is there any other trick to get a better result?


Unless you changed settings, it looks like you have used the Pencil tool that make hard line and edge, try to use the Paintbrush tool that make more smooth and fuzzy ones instead.

Nope Im using paintbrush to paint an area that I have selected with the free select tool and still Im not getting smooth edges. Paintbrush has some nice smooth edges if you dont have an area selected though and I need to have the area selected.

Couple of times Gaussian blur by 2 pixel? Does not help? Without any selection, ofc.

Did you enable ‘Antialiasing’ and/or the ‘Feather Edges’ option in the Free Select tool options ?

Thanks Richard that helps a lot! Now I guess I need to use the blur option on the finished texture to fix the edges but I will definitely remember to enable Antialiasing and Feather Edges for future projects.

Question, does it really need to be Gimp? There’s Krita for example.

Hi, you could work on 4096 picture and resize to 2K later, this gives a nice smooth antialiasing.

Cheers, mib

The GIMP 1.2 series have a nice new feature I refer to as gradient brushes. Essentially, this is just the regular paint tool, but instead of painting with a constant color, it gets its color from a gradient and rotates through the gradient as you paint.
Just filling in an image with a gradient brush is a good start for interesting textures, and you can make some nice ones that way.