Smoothie Machine: A Sweet New Blender-related Web Show

Hi. This has been a long time coming. My web show about Blender has started. The first two episodes are up. I know I certainly have a talent for better-edited pieces, but I decided to go ahead and get started. The next episode I think will be the most powerful.

By “The next episode I think will be the most powerfull.” I assume you are referring to:

“But just notice that even though I’ve forgotten how to do 90% of the things I need to do, I don’t ever go hunting for help. Blenderartists is a huge waste of time, and I’m going to talk more about that in the next episodes.”

I guess we’d have to wait for your next episode to see what you mean, but honestly it would seem counter productive to advertise your show to a forum it seems you really don’t like.

Ok, I just watched the first 5 minutes of your show and there really was nothing to keep me interested in watching the next 40 minutes. You reorganised your desktop, hummed to yourself, downloaded some images from google, played in photoshop and then played with crazybump before deciding not to use it. It looks like you hit record and let it run for 45 minutes while you faffed around before saving the video and uploading it.

I’m sure there’s some great potential for your little ‘show’ but you really aren’t putting your best face forward.

moley, I think you suffer from the same flamer disease as everyone on this forum. I can’t hold that against you because harsh or not you’re RIGHT.

The thing is, I don’t much care about my initial post being unpolished, it was simply an exhibition of my personal workflow. It was an observation of myself, and I hope of anyone who uses Blender.

Observation 1: 2/3rds of my time were spent figuring out how to do what I wanted to do.
Observation 2: Almost half of my time was spent outside of Blender.
Observation 3: almost an entire 3rd of time was spent testing and fixing bugs in my logic.
Observation 4: a 5th of my time was spent re-working things, making them over again - faster than when I did the same thing the first time.
Observation 5: It just takes that much time for the few seconds of satisfaction you feel when you complete an interactive piece that works correctly.

After making the video I clocked how much time I would have spent looking for answers on the forums. This poor guy went completely nuts trying to get help with his GTA clone, and the video really was meant for him more than anyone else.

So I have to ask: just how much time do YOU waste hunting around in a forum instead of just hunting around in Blender? You wouldn’t know until you watched yourself do it, I bet. Also, I would argue that by using the forum for help, you’re not really observing what’s wrong with Blender itself! The process of workflow is something that is crucial to how the system actually behaves when one tries to interact with it. This is a video I encourage people to watch who are working on 2.5. I’m sure there are faster ways existing to do all the things I want to do - I know some of them actually - but at the time I chose whatever methods I chose because I couldn’t remember how to get to them; and I knew that the trade-off of spending more time wandering was more beneficial than trying to ask for help. These are big questions that I will talk about in the show, and I honor your future comments, critiques, and thoughts!

I spend more time on the forum, than I spend on Blender, simply because Blender has become borrrrrring :frowning:

Wow… No sir, I believe YOU have become boring.

I’m going to finish the next episode within a week I think and I really hope that it has all the whiz-bang to show off that Blender has become an exciting TOOL and that every other feature of it is entirely dependent on our own ability to be the ARTIST. And hopefully, I wont sound like captain obvious. The script is about done - just needs a proof-read from rocketman who’s sort of my partner in crime.