Smoothing after remesh in sculpt mode


I would like to know if there is a way to smooth 1 object WITHOUT deforming it too much after remesh?

I’ll use mesh filter >smooth but it’s deform sometime my mesh in his shape.

Is there a way to smooth an object after remesh and keep the shape?

Thanks by advance for your advice.

If somebody have a link for the sculpting shortcuts in 2.9 it will be great.

There are several ways to do this. You could use the smooth modifier with a low factor and higher repeats.
For a bit more controll corrective smooth with a low radius and factor value.
And my favorite- i’m using this method mostly with 3d scanned meshes - would be in sculpting mode.
There you have the most control over your smoothing. Set you strenght and normal radius low, then it wont destroy your shapes but smooth out the noise… but you have to do this manually by hand

Thanks for the response,
I’m going to try this method.

Best regards.

Thanks Alex 3 for the tips it work great!

I went there like a brute…Strength at 1 was too much your method work great.

Thanks a lot.