smoothing and loop exra

i made this bolt head and was wondering how to smooth most of it but not the edge
which are supposed to be realtively solid
i did try to add a edgeloop near the middle of the ehad but 1/2 of it is not included!

is there a simple way to do this and how ?


By the look of it all you need to do is select All and W>set smooth, then add an Edge Split modifier with the default settings.

If you find edges are smoothed that you want sharp select the edges in question and Ctrl-E>Mark Sharp the edge, the marked edges will become sharp with the default Edge Split settings.

or just select your mesh, press crt + 1 (2, 3 or 4 is smoother) and to make the edges sharper … select the edges and press shift + E and move around your mouse or just put in a value with your keyboard

but Im not sure if thats better than what robbur said… :x

i tried to mark edges which seems to give a better solid edge
but the after Normal recalcul and remove double it’s not exaclty very good looking

still some hrey faces

abnythibng against that behavior


Make sure you have AutoSmooth turned on, I think that’s the most important thing here. If you’re subsurfing, adding an edgeloop like you tried to do will make a big difference but your topology inside the screw’s slot doesn’t have edge loops like you need. You could either rework the topology to have better loops or maybe just use the knife tool instead.

so for the time being i cannot use it

i do have some tris on top i’ll try to change that
the smooth is on and still not giving a nice render
i did set the edge mark so that part works
but the rest of the sruface is not nice

and by the way i did not use the sub surf

see pic of mesh

i also redid it with boolean operator - the general surface is very nice with smooth on

but the central surfaces inward are very bad and edges are somewhat displaced because of boolean operation!

1 Add a UVSphere in top view and delete the vertices below the centre line. Knife cut two edges where you want the slot.

2 Delete the vertices inside the new edges to the depth of the slot.

3 Select the cut edge vertices down to but not including the bottom edge of the slot.

4 Extrude the selected past the bottom of the screw head. Snap the cursor to the bottom edge of the slot,

5 Re select the extruded verts, then scale them to 0 on the Z-axis (cursor select mode).

6 With the bottom edges still selected F>Skin Face/Edge-Loops. Then Knife Midpoint cut through these.

7 Rebuild the end Quads and Tries.

8 Extrude the bottom edge (Only Edges) then escape to leave it where it is. Scale it inwards (Pivot set to median point).

9 Select all and SetSmooth (just in case W>remove doubles and Ctrl-N to recalculate normals)…

10 Apply the Edge Split Modifier with the default settings. (Modifier Panel>Add Modifier>Edge Split).

Thats all their is to it. You could refine it further by merging some of the verts on the cut edge at 3 above. Also using a UV sphere with more verts will give a better result. Finally scaling on the Z axis will give a better pan head shape.