Smoothing Edges Trouble

Hey guys,
I’m brand new to this site so please forgive me for anything I may be doing wrong.

So, I’ve been modeling a space habitat for a game I’m making and here it is:

But my problem is everything had been going fine and dandy until I noticed this:

Ah! Why are those edges so sharp? I’ve tried smooth shading, subsurf, and many other things such as edge split to fix this problem…None of which worked. So what I want to do is just smooth out the curved parts of my mesh there, without changing everything else such as the little cleft you can see. Does anybody know how I can do this? It’d be great if someone could just provide a very straightforward answer/solution.

You can see my mesh in edit mode here:


You seem to have gazillion small faces (were you subdividing the faces). You need to delete all those if you want to have the smooth shading and/or subsurf to have any meaningful effect