Smoothing errors, Bah!

I’m punching a round hole in a truncated cone (see pics) and I’m getting smoothing errors in the sub-div surface. Does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of the shading errors, or are they an inescapable product of bunching up loops around the opening? I can guarantee you that none of those loops are ‘out of alignment’ and that they’ve all been generated by splitting existing faces.

Would I be better to apply the sub-div, then merge a lot of those loops afterward? Or would I be better starting again, perhaps with a nurbs surface? I’m trying to keep the face-cost down and keep the surface as smooth as poss…

Smoothing is changing because the topology of the mesh is changing in density.

This is my take on it…

It comes out a little smoother. I used a circle for a template, or rather an octagon and only cut in what I needed and didn’t change the density of the vertical edges.

What ajm said. Plus if you want to retain your beloved topology, use the shrink wrap modifier.


Thanks guys… That did the trick.

I’m an ‘old skool’ low-poly modeller, and I was trying to force the sub-div to go where I wanted it… Best to keep the mesh simple and let the smoothing algorithm do the work, eh?