Smoothing for circumference with bridge?

Just wondering something… Is there a relationship affecting the smoothing value to get a bridge (using multiple cuts) to follow the arc of a circle? Cut out a section of a ring and then bridged it this way, and noticed it seems to be rather close to being circular around .75 or so. But I’m wondering if there’s some relationship with angle of cutout or something else that would get it about as close as possible to being exact. This may have some (rather handy) uses, as Blender’s other ways of making arcs require view alignment (can be tedious to setup you want this around something other than a global axis), and loop-tools circularize (unfortunately) doesn’t work with partial segments to round out an edge path as it only makes full circles. (If anyone remembers Wings3D, I’m thinking along the lines of how it’s circularize works, which is something I miss when using Blender.)

Yeah a bit more of a technical modeling question, so it’s something that doesn’t seem readily obvious. (Unless you know things about the math going on “under the hood” so to speak.) :eyebrowlift2:

you should show some pics to see what you mean !

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Seems to be some relationship with the angle of the wedge that’s cut out for the amount of smoothing needed. But I’d like to know what the exact relationship is. Would like to cut out a circular segment and replace with one that has arbitrary rings to it, while maintaining circular shape. So far I’ve been eyeballing it, but there should be a way that’s more exact. (Yeah I know there’s the arc tool, but like I said before sometimes there’s trouble getting alignment just right. Would like to have a way of achieving this result with more freedom in workflow.)

well not certain the workflow
not certain bridge tool can work well in this situation!

but you could set center as cursor then copy part of the segments and rotate around till it fits
then remove double!

otherwise would need like a script with some parametric values !

did a test with bridge tool and not easy to align this at all!

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