smoothing from one texture to another

High folks,
:o I’m getting completely nervous with the assingnment of materials having nice ranges between vertex groups.
I get this:

These are procedural materials on vertex groups.

  1. I tried with Unwraping… but this gives me such a puzzled thing that i can’t use it
  2. I tried with Vertex Painting… but somehow i can’t have only the selected faces
  3. I tried to Unwrap again the sole part i’d need to paint… but it makes a overlap with all other unwraped stuff (and i can’t get rid off these!)

What would be the best way to have a smooth seam done? And with Paint Tool, is it possible to choose a complete material to apply to the brush (and not only 1 texture)?

I’ll be gratefull for any hints.

B.R. almux

EDIT: It’s on 2.47… but it’ll probably won’t be different in 2.46

Have you thought of using the baking to bake the textures to a single image and then use the smear and clone tools in the image editor paint to smooth the edges? As far as unwrapping goes, you would not want the seams to be coinciding with the edge of that material - you would want it inside that lip of that so you have continuous sides along the visual seam there in the materials.

Just a thought, though.

Thanks craigomatic!

I’ll try that… Hum! Baking the textures… gosh coudn’t even imaging that it could be possible…!
But, than, will it become a image to UVMap with? Or will it still be a tweakable procedural (prefered solution)?
I also can’t find the hotkey to change edit/object mode* on the UV panel… ;(

Edit: OK, it’s *TAB

No once you bake you have a image

Thanks musk.
…Than i’ll better avoid the texture baking. I found a part of solution here: with hovergo’s question and the following.
I must go after stenciling…

Nope. Use a node-based material setup instead of assigning the materials on a vert-group basis. Use two material nodes (one for each material), then use a Geometry Vertex Paint node as your blending factor. This allows you to use simple vertex painting (which is smooth) to blend between the two materials.

Gosh! Thanks to you too, harkyman!
Hell… there also the node solution… Pfff! Forgot about that one!
Facing too many problems at a time is hazardous for my heart presure… :wink:
Some situations could need a step by step tutorial. In this case and also for cloths following a character’s armature… (Bang! Bang!)

EDIT :spin: Trying to fumble around with nodes… but:

  1. The Materials node looks more like a texture node = can’t open a complete material there. Have I to open as many material nodes as they are texture in a procedurial in order to re-build the wish composited material?
  2. Don’t see how to paint in Geometry node…
    Sorry, think i have to go back to simplify my character’s skin and go into stuffier thing once i have managed to understand the nodes technics… :o
    Think i’d need a tut or real example to grab what you wrote…