Smoothing groups etc(set smooth/set solid)

I must be missing something here. I’ve been using blender for a while now 2-3 yrs mainly the game engine… but I just can’t get the set smooth/set solid to work with the auto-smooth angle that I set… not matter what I do… the manual said that if you turn on auto smooth it affects the faces set to smooth… well I’ve tried a few times… and no luck… I’ve played with the setting… and have tried finding tutorials etc. The only tuts I could find used the facesplit modifier… I don’t want to use this because I dont’ want my mesh to be cut into bits

Can anyone show me how you get it to work? It’s impossible to model objects if I can’t set the smoothing values of the faces accurately.

Also does anyone know if there is a hinge from edge/face tool that creates new wedges of faces along an edge?

Any help or links to tuts would be awesome thanks!

the “auto-smooth” applies function will smooth the entire object…and it’s easy to use…just press the “Set smooth” button after enabling the “Auto smooth” one! :wink:
Probably, it’s better to enter Edit mode, select the faces you want “solid” or “smooth” and press the desired button.
If you need even more control, you can “split” the selected/desired faces with Y key ( thin side of a coin for ex.)

Hi Otto thanks for the reply… I tried that but it still has no effect other than making the entire mesh smooth… no matter what angle I set for auto-smooth… even with it on… before I hit set smooth. It’s either smooth or hard… I’ve even checked by viewing the vertex normals. I really don’t want to have to split the mesh… this makes it very hard for modelling. It seems the only way I can get it to work is to split the mesh.

“Auto Smooth” only works for rendering. It’s a great feature, but you can’t see what it looks like in the 3D view – you have to render.

If you can live with not having a real-time preview of the effect, all you need is auto-smooth.

If you absolutely need a preview, I would do it by setting auto smooth and an edge split modifier to the same angle. Make sure the modifier is last (bottom of the stack). Also check the modifier panel. There are three green buttons next to “EdgeSplit.” The buttons control when the modifier is used. Respectively, they control whether to use the modifer during rendering, in the 3D view, and in edit mode. Disable the first and third buttons, so that the modifier is only “on” in object mode. That way, you can edit the model as one piece, and preview the edge split without rendering, by switching back to object mode. The model will still be one piece when you render it, and that’s when you’ll see the Auto Smooth working.

Hey… thanks for the reply. So will that work with shapekeys and armatures then? Yeah I didn’t realise you would only see the effect when rendering. I’m doing graphics for the game engine so that didn’t occur to me. It would be really nice to view the smoothing correctly in the viewport… I really think this should be improved upon to be more like other 3d programs.(as in this goes on behind the scenes… and we can select edges we want hard or soft)… it doesn’t make it very easy to to have total control over the smoothing… I wonder how the apricot guys did it?

Probably “auto smooth” will not work in the game engine?!

kirado wrote:
So will that work with shapekeys and armatures then?

As long as it’s the last modifier in the stack, edge split shouldn’t mess up your armature deformations. I haven’t used shape keys enough to be able to say anything definitive about them, but I imagine they work on the base mesh, not the modifer stack, so you’re probably fine.

OTO wrote:
Probably “auto smooth” will not work in the game engine?!

No, you’re right. It won’t work. For the Game Engine, neither Auto Smooth nor Edge Split seem to work.

You might have to bake a texture. Baking normals would probably be ideal, but again, my experience is limited, so I’m not sure that’ll work in the GE. It might suffice to bake a lightmap texture. The sharp edge will show up that way, in the lighting… but that will limit your in-game lighting options.

If you’re using a subsurf modifier, you’ll need to apply it before you can use the mesh in-game. Before you apply it, you can sharpen edges in Edit Mode using Shift+EKey. Unfortunately, this only works with subsurf, so if you’re not trying to smooth your model that way, it’s also useless.

As a last resort, you can try “reinforcing” your edges. This will increase your poly count, so it may not be worth it for a game model. I sometimes add vertices around a sharp edge. I’ve attached images to show this.