Smoothing model - edges problem

Hi guys! I’m a noobie blender student. Ihave the follow problem. I am trying to convert a model to 3D printing. I got a basic pepakura file, I creased some edges and applied the subdivision surface modifier. When I got the final result I faced some irregular surfaces, they aren’t smooth neighter regular…they look weird. Could you help me to solve or minimize thsi effects?

I attached some pics

Thank you!!

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do you have the blend file?

Think the subdivision applied might be a downfall here. Otherwise I would suggested to just Ctrl+B and bevel the edges. But with a subdivision surface already applied that would end up looking similar to what you have now.

Yes my friend, I do. Do you wanna It to check?

Hello, I not applied the subdivision surface definitively. I can do some adjusts yet

Yes friend.i’ll try.

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OK!! how Can I send it to you? I noobie in this forum yet.

@Ninja82871 Just drag and drop the file into the chatbox. If it is too large then a hosted site like a google drive or file share site link would be required and you can just cut and past the link into the chatbox as well.

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Thank you my friend, here is the file. If you could help me I really apreciate.Dark Kabuto Blue4.blend (582.4 KB)

No problem. I will take a peek once the render I am doing right now finishes.

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This is what I was saying about using the bevel modifier. The triangle inset areas would need some additional loops to make them triangular again but you can see the result without adding a huge amount of geometry just bevels.

Before adjusting the bevel thickness and segment count.

This is with the Ctrl+B bevel added to the selected edges.

Again this is just a quick look before I get back to working on a project again but as I mentioned the triangle sections could use either an inset along the inner wall sections to help hold the shape a little better.

Thank you my friend!!! It is amazing. But I am trying to do this without success. I apply the subdivision surface first as you. After I did ctrl+B bevel and this is the result, hehe totally different of you. Do you have idea about what I am doing wrong?

And i domt know why, my “subdivision view” is seted to 2 as you and I dont have the same results

Did you clear the mean crease before doing the beveling if so then it should be fine. I barely dragged the bevel out and had a bevel of 3 on it (scrolling the mouse wheel till it says 3) The only reason mine looks smooth is because I turned on smooth shading.

Wow!!! thats amazing!!! Now I got it!!! Ill try what you explained me. And about your question, yes I’ve tried bevel with the creased edges cleaned. Looking to the helmet, I can see that the simbol on forehead is clean!!! Did you do this only with beveling process?

I dont know how to thank you my friend for helping me. My great thank you!!! Ill Try today and share here in the end of the day

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You can also just try to set Normals to Auto Smooth and tweak angle until you achieve your desired look.

Tha k you Peter!! I did this but i found some bad geometrys. Did you do some adjustments to get this final effect? Ih this case did preserve the sharp edges?

Thank you!

None. Just the autosmooth & angle. i think some of the problems encountered are the triangles. there are also some inside faces. check your bug design inside the the file below, i tried deleting some of them, there might be some i overlooked.

Dark Kabuto REDOblend.blend (717.8 KB)

All I did is bring the crease back to zero and then beveled what was selected. Bus as @peterblender mentioned there is geometry issues with the model, ngons and tris which don’t take to smoothing very well. Games and sculpts will break a mesh down to tris but that is because a quad can be split nicely into a tri and still hold its shape but it requires clean quad topology to start with. Easy example is take a cylinder with the end caps set to triangle, and another set to ngon then subdivide it and see what happens to the mesh. Then do it with setting cap fill to nothing and selecting the radius edge and Ctrl+f for grid fill and subdivide and compare the three results.

Ok My friend, thank you to help me. I’ll analyze the file and learn more about what you did.

My friend, could you send the file already modificated by you? As I said to Peter, I’ll take a look ont he file and learn about this process