smoothing out a shape

Hey blender heads.

Im trying to fix up my logo in blender from SVG file, Im adding a Solidify modifier, to thicken it(dont know if I did the right
thing)cos it was flat 2D when I imported it into blender. But can you notice the ugly step alike to the edges, how can I smooth it out, so It seems that there has a smooth blend to it?

thank you.

select your mesh, and on the left hand side, click “Smooth”

Hi Peter and thanks for the reply. I did click on the smooth as you indicated but the result stays the same. Anything else In mind?

You might want to upload the file but I am thinking the problem is that this is not a mesh so smooth will not have an effect. Convert it first. Your original SVG may not have been smooth perhaps or your u render may have been set low or whatever… Anyway just doing smooth is unfortunately not going to be enough to do this because it will kill all the sharp edges that I suppose you want to preserve.

Hi Dan, thanks for your reply. I talked to a blender modeller yesterday,and said there’s a lot of bad factors which is making this result.
He gave me a few options which fixed this problem but at the same time, other problems occurred. So the Best solution was to simply
model the logo in blender and avoid the SVG file…

Kind regards.

Show that svg-file, maybe problems are there. My relationship with vectors > Inkscape > Blender is good.