Smoothing out animation?

Hi guys.

Just uploaded some test animations to youtube.

Here,s the link, they are very short, 3 or 4 secs, just a test.

My question is regarding smooting out the animation.

I have tried extending the animation by 1 sec, which has helped a lot, but dont really want to extend it any further than that, also added motion blur, which didnt smooth it out, well not to my eyes atleast.

You guys got any tips to try?

edit … btw recorded at 30fps.

I guess what i’m asking is how people deal with faster moving objects?


Doesn’t look to me like there is anything ‘wrong’ with it. Sure, stutter can be seen, but just like with anything moving fast at low fps. Not different at all in big movies. TVs try to fix it (with often not particularly convincing results) by computing intermediate frames. I’d say it boils down to: don’t want stutter, increase frame rate. But honestly, very unlikely that people will complain about whatever you are about to create, concerning that issue, when all other video content is the same.

Not sure if this will help since I don’t see a blend file, but you might try changing the keyframe interpolation to linear which might help.

Hi guys.

Thanks for the replies.

Tried the interpolation change, it helped a little.

In the end I also changed the shutter speed on the motion blur to 1.0.

This however presents it’s own problems. Not in what I am trying to accomplish now, but in the future maybe I won’t want motion blur on the whole animation, but maybe just on a particular animation. I,ll have to see if thats possible.

Thanks again.