Smoothing problem + modelling question

Hello everybody!

Edit: Smoothing problem solved, one more modelling question in my third post of this thread.

I am relatively new to blender and now I have a problem modelling an ammunition ring for toy guns. The model itself is basically finished (not sure if there would be a better way to model it, but I guess so… :o)

My problem is that when I smooth it now, it happens to have weird looking lines on the model (see picture). I have already removed doubles and also recalculated the normals. The problem is still there.

Also when I draw the normals, they seem to point in different directions quite randomly (see picture).

Does anyone know what might be wrong here? Do I have to remodel the mesh?

Here is also the .blend-file.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Greetings, MasterDomino

In edit mode, select all (Akey) then Ctrl-N -> Recalculate normals outside. Also turn on Autosmooth in the Mesh panel.

CD38, thank you for your answer.

Wow, ok.

Now I am really confused.
Because as I said above I already did recalculate the normals outside…

And that for about 5 times and it didn’t work. Now when I did it again, it worked perfectly. Strange. Is it possible that there was something wrong (bug?), which was then fixed again, now that I restarted blender (between modelling and writing this post…).

Because I am sure I did it a several times and it didn’t work… but now it does. Maybe I overlooked something else.

Anyways, it works now, so thanks for your answer, sorry for my boring question… :wink:

Greetings, MasterDomino

FYI, if you want to get sharp edges, and it looks like you do, try selecting the edges you want, using the EDGE selector, NOT vertice or face, hit CTRL E, and hit mark sharp. Then, go add the modifier EdgeSplits and that should help. The last step is going back to those edges you selected earlier, hitting Shift E and setting the crease to 1. Hope that helps. If not… well it’s a nice tip anyways for mechanical modelling.

Hello FuzzMaster,

thanks for your suggestion, I will have a look at it.

I have one more question about modelling this model.

The inner edge of the ring is a bit uneven now since I had to subdivide some edges of it. This means that now not all vertices have the exakt same distance to the middle of the ring (see picture, the selected vertices should have the same distance to the cursor, but they don’t).

Is there a way to fix this? So it will be a perfects circle again? And also is there a way to get the vertices of this inner ring into the same distance to eachother?


Um, try selecting the ring and hitting CTRL-SHIFT-S and dragging it to 1.

That’s the ToSphere command, be aware it works based on the current location of the 3d cursor. It also has a button on the dashboard down with subdivide and smooth and all, which I only like using when I want the max effect.

Re normals: Your normals might look more sensible if you turn off “Draw VNormals” (which does vertex normals), and turn on “Draw Normals”, which does face normals.

Sorry for my late answer, I’ve been very busy.

@FuzzMaster: Thank you, that was exactly what I needed.

@Star Weaver: Thank you for the further explanation, I was already confused why my normals show up on the vertices instead of the faces.

I am very happy with the model now, soon I guess I will post a new question about animating it here, I tried it, it worked out quite nice, but not perfect yet.

One more question about the EdgeSplits modifiert (just for me to understand it):

What exactly is its use? Because my edges where perfectly sharp already, so I am not sure, if I even needed it. But I figured out, that it keeps your edges sharp when you put a subsurf modifier on it lateron. Is that the purpose? Or am I understanding something wrong?


But I figured out, that it keeps your edges sharp when you put a subsurf modifier on it lateron. Is that the purpose? Or am I understanding something wrong?

Yep, that’s pretty much its use.

Edgesplit - keeps hard edges for set-smooth mode, can also be used with subsurf. If you do use it with subsurf, be careful, because if you have it above subsurf in the stack it can do strange things. This is because it effectivly cuts your mesh along the sharp lines, making them sepearate surfaces for rendering.