Smoothing problem

What can cause this problem?

And how can i see how many polygons i have in my model?

It might be that there are tri’s at the end of the barrels.

Or try removing doubles by selecting all verticies and pressing W, then select Remove Doubles.

If you have sub-surfed, you need to put loop cuts at the end of the barrel. Or you can crease the end by selecting the end faces of the barrel, and then pressing Shift-E.

To see how many faces you have(unsub-surfed only) you need to go into edit mode, and in the upper right hand corner of Blender, it says something like this:

Ve:0-41 | Ed:0-84 | Fa:0-45 | Mem: 3.43M Cube


The 0 in the “0-41” stands for how many verticies are selected, and the 41 stands for how many there are to select.

You can tell how many faces you have in the layer(s) that’s selected by looking at how many “Fa” there is while in Object Mode. This includes sub-surf.

Thank you.
I modified the end of the barrel and the problem disappeard. But, how can i do shiny metal-material?