smoothing problems since 2.5/6

smoothing sure aint smooth operating anymore.
see attached.



Sure it is. Fix the normals and replace point light with proper lights.

how do I fix normals? I did it with the w thingy
and what to you is a proper light?

select your whole mesh and press CTRL+N to recalculate the normals, on the model there are some normals not pointing to the right direction (the exterior) but pointing to the inside.

I see- do not use the w menu - use ctrl -N

W>Flip Normals simply reverses all the normals from their current direction. If some are facing the right way and some the wrong way and you flip them, you’ve only reversed which are wrong and which are right. Ctrl-N isn’t the same as Flip Normals. It recalculates normals to what Blender perceives as the outside of the mesh.

ctrl-N asks if I want to reload the start up file

thanks but as ctrl-N has nothing to do with normal…

You need to be in Edit Mode.

If you have some pointing in the right dir. and some pointing in the wrong dir., then, in face select mode, select the faces that are wrong, and use the W/Flip Normals function. (If ctrl + N doesn’t fix them all)


1121 posts and you have to ask? Yeah right.

thanks all

thanks all

is everyone as clever as you?