Smoothing the position change from a shrinkwrap constraint?

I have an empty that is using a shrinkwrap constraint to maintain it’s distance from the surface of a mesh.
Is there any way to make this change in position occur over time?
It looks bad having it snap into place when the shrinkwrap constraint kicks in.

It sounds to me like you’re trying to emulate physics with a shrinkwrap. You can do what you want, using physics-- but if you’re trying to emulate physics with a shrinkwrap, why not just use physics to begin with?

I’m not sure I follow – I dont see how physics would tie into this.
Im using the empties with a shrinkwrap constraint with a distance in order to move some bones in relation to an object getting near these empties.

Anything with inertia is physics. Shrinkwrap is frequently used to keep some structure outside of some other structure-- which is also what collision does. If you slow down a shrinkwrap with inertia only, however, you don’t necessarily end up with collision.

If you want inertia on the shrinkwrap:

  1. create a cube with a shrinkwrap constraint instead of your empty;
  2. give the cube rigid body physics, set all physics field strengths to 0, and make it non-rendering;
  3. duplicate it;
  4. create an empty at the location of your cubes, and give it rigid body constraint physics set to spring type, joining cube to its duplicate;
  5. set the original cube’s physics to “animated”;
  6. use the duplicate cube to do whatever your original empty was doing.

This will add some intertia to the system, so that it starts with a shrinkwrap but still only moves gradually. Tune the details of the spring (or the mass of the duplicate cube) to control how much inertia it has.

This solution does work however, it comes with it’s own set of issues.
I’m using this on a character, which needs to move, which means the areas affected by this are flapping around.

Increase the stiffness and dampening of the spring.

That’s more of a workaround as it’ll still noticeably move when the character does. And on top of that, the movement is no longer smooth when the shrink wrap target collides.