Smoothing weirdoz

Ok, So I’m makinf a spaceship, just for practising… I Don’t use many vertics, becase this was supposed to be a game… Well, When i click Subsurf with subdivide 2, it looks pretty good, but then I want to add smoothing too, but then I gt some strange things going on, Looks at this picture:

I’ve tried Ctrl + N (I read that somewhere) but it just moves the blackness arond…

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You have a model so convoluted that it’s impossible for Blender to decide which is inside and which is out (so Ctrl-N doesn’t work). Either turn on your normals (Draw Normals in MeshTools 1 in F9) and flip the normals manually on the faces that are pointing the wrong way or select sections of the mesh in edit mode and do Ctrl-N. You can also hit F in Object mode to find faces with normals pointing the wrong way.


Thanks very much. How can i prevent this to happen next time?

On symetric models model only one half then copy it, mirror the copy on the sectional axis and join the 2 halves by removing the double vertices on the loops common to both halves.
On non-symetric models delete verts and/or faces from inside extrusions before extruding, but you may still have to manually flip normals.


Just another question… On my space thing, I’ve drawn some faces , like planes, just one side… How Can I get that to show both when the model is from the top and the bottom view?

Not sure what you mean “drawn one side only”. Is this UV mapped and only showing the texture on one side and is it for the gameengine?


Well… If I flip the faces, and click F in Object view, some planes only show up on one side… But never mind, they’re all showing with solid/textured view…

Btw… What do you mean with the game thing? Do I have to have something extra installed to create games? And do I have to model my thing in abother way?



Never mind about this post, I had a problem, but I solved it…

Btw… What do you mean with the game thing? Do I have to have something extra installed to create games? And do I have to model my thing in abother way?

The Gameengine uses only UV textures and they show on only one side of a face unless you set them “twoside”

But in the Renderengine UV textures don’t need to be set twoside so your question confused me. (The hotkey F = UV Face Select Mode, and that is why you see the face only from the side that the normal is pointing)


Thanks very much again 8) Takes a while to get used to all controls and words :o :smiley:

Edit: Btw, as this prolly will be a game some time, how to I set it too twoside? :slight_smile:

Edit2: How much Subsurf can I use on the ship until a game will go slow?

Edit3: ^_^, Well. I rendered my ship just to see it, and now I can’t switch back to edit mode =/, There is only object mode to choose from. ? lol.

  1. z3r0_d wrote:

in face select mode, select all of your faces
hit the double sided button in the paint buttons [in edit buttons…]
hit copy drawmode

  1. None
  2. You probably have another object selected.


K! :o

Love you… in a friendly way :wink:

So, How can I get it smooth in a game? :D, Do i have to subdivide and chnage all vertics manualy?


What do you think so far? It’s not finsihed with details n- stuff…It’s subsurfed and smoothed though.