This may seem like a stupid question but I have already asked some other blender heads and they didn’t have a clue. The problem is that i have made a flametube(gt project,don’t ask) this has holes in it, thanks to some help from filgh %, and it won’t smooth. The only way to get it to smooth is using subsurf but that screws up all the holes. Anyone able to help?

Can you post a Blend file so we can take a look? Other then using Set Smooth (which you no doubt have tried) I can’t offer any suggestions without more info.

Only suggestion is that you have AutoSmooth on with a too low Degr. value.

The default is 30, and if your “tube” has fewer than a certain number of sides (my geometry fails me to tell you exactly how many) the angle at each edge of your tube will be too sharp to qualify for smoothing.

That tube was never meant to be a flametube. I just used it because it was in your .blend and it seemed like a useful piece of scrap metal to drill some holes in. I think you either duplicated it (or extruded) without grabbing and moving the duplicate. Either way it has two layers of mesh real close to one another and looooooong thin faces.
I’b make another one, dense enough so that each hole cuts through at least 6 faces. Once the holes are drilled, then you can duplicate, extrude, whatever if it really, honestly has to have a wall with any thickness.
I should have mentioned that.


the .blend file is here here Click on flametube

fligh: i don’t know exactly what you mean although I did start again with another tube but I forgot to extrude it out like you said.

it appears you have some nasty triangulation of the mesh.

this is due to some nasty booleans.

which is due to some nasty code.

which is due to beta features.

which i won’t go into…for your sake.

here’s what i would do:

use curve objects, let me make a .blend for you to demonstrate.

be back in an hour or so with the results.

thanks your post prety much describes my blending skill, nasty

Booleans are implemented half-heartedly in blender and anyone who uses them is asking for pain. The best thing to do when modeling detailed shapes is to draw the shape first and model it from curves using extrusions and subdivisions. ANY SHAPE can be accomplished in this manner with a little thought.

i believe this is what you guys were going for: 300kb

i don’t have time to test the zip, sorry.

EDIT: bad url.

Can someone please explain to me what a “flametube” is?

flametube obviously sounds like some sorta tube that has flames throught it.

The mesh dittohead posted seems pretty much to do what you want. It’s not perfectly round, and it doesn’t meet perfectly on the edges where it’s been spun, but i don’t think there’s an easy way to make it perfectly round.
And it looks better like that anyway.

it’s a bit of a jet engine. you see i am currently making one but first i am designing it in blender.

The only way to make something perfectly round in Blender is to use a nurbs circle inside another nurbs circle and extrude it, then scale as necessary. Afterwards you can convert to a mesh with as little or as much detail as you want.

it’s not quite what i want but much better than mine. what I meant was that the tube itself was smoothed and circular sorry if i didn’t make that clear at the start.

What you want to reach is smoothing of coplanar faces. That won’t work. Due to the booleans you subdivided the tube’s faces in lots of coplanar faces, the holes themselves are planar. Therefor the ten edges of the tube don’t “see” each and you can’t smooth the area in-between. The only thing you can reach is a slight smoothing of this edges by increasing the Degr value.
I don’t see any other way than to remodel the flame tube. But I also see no simple way to avoid booleans. Maybe you should start with a 100 vertex tube.

I forgot. Is it this what you want to reach ?

you could model the holes in a plane and then wrap the plane to make a tube (Shift-W).


tordat that is exactly what i wanted. Could you give me a .blend file of it?