Smoothly spin in a circle

I have a rigged up character, and I am trying to spin him around 360 degrees, continuously and at a constant velocity(for a turn in place animation). The problem I am having is that, at the 3 keyframes, the velocity of the spin slows down. I have set the keyframe interpolation to linear, and this still happens.

This is just a placeholder, but I need this done to progress with my game. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is the blend: Man.blend (3.17 MB)

Can anyone help me? I can’t continue work on my game until this is completed.

you should only use 2 keyframes. one at the start of the “spin” z=0, one at the end z=360 or z=-360, then with linear interpolation it should be at a constant speed, you can then extrapolate this spin so it spins continuously.

Adding to what the last comment said, make sure the z 360 is set in the object data. You can no simply press ‘r + 360’ as you may think.

Thank you so much, both of you. I had been pressing ‘r + 360’ before, that was the main problem. It was animating the bone with quaternions rather than Euler angles, and quaternions are all freaky, which is probably why it gave it a non-linear motion(although I could be wrong, I don’t really understand quaternions).
Thanks for the help.