"smoothness" of Komplex objekts help

Hi folks,
i bumped in a kind of a problem i cant solve on my own. When i do more complicatet and bigger objects i normaly just add another mesh do that object (for exampel a circel to a cube to make a kind of pole). But when i want to finish that object and use multiresolution theres a very harshe transition from one object to the other, not a smooth soft like i would prefer. Is there a smart way to model it so i can get it more smooth.

To understand what i mean:
this is kinda of what im trying to modell. Now at the top theres this spike/sphere object like thing. I could simply place a sphere at the top and model it but the transition to the rest of the object would “harsh” and there might show up some ugly edges. A way i could figure out by myself is to connect the verticels one by one. But isent there any other “smarter” way?

What you need to do is add another sphere on top of that squarish shape. Cute the part of the sphere you want the squarish shape to transition to and get the same number of vertices on the square as the number of vertices on a ring of that uv spehere. Sitch both shapes together using faces. After that use the subsurf modifier to smooth it out.
Heres something that can explain it


I do it this way: create circle and form that round point by extruding / scaling. It is very quick. Cut it in quarter from top, and use mirror modifier to reduce work on bottom geometry. Extrude the edge down and form corner of the base; use scale to zero and locate it with Transform coordinate to form it exactly. Then just extrude the rest.


Thanks thats exactly what i looked for :smiley:

[Edit] Ridix can you narrow down how you do your method? I cant replicate after your explanation. The part how i get from my cirkel to the “plane” platform by extruding the edgs and scaling to zero. Cant figure our how you form it. Sorrry for being so dumb -.-
The main part i cant replicate is: how did u exactly extrude the edges? It seems that i cant get that right so that it looks orderly like yours.

Ok i realy tryed to do it like you said but is just cant figure out how you did it.