Smple retopology

(LBJ) #1

I know I messed up this mesh while trying to mold it into the shape I wanted, which is why creases and artifacts appear after the smooth shading is applied.

Could somebody here please smooth out all of the folds and creases and make it smooth and seamless?

Forget the upper-part of the robot, just focus on the thigh part.!Ansq7V5Mt2BrgQZ7JEd64JS5K711

(Cjradical) #2

Do you have a view to see with edges shown? You may just need some hard edges to define your creases, its hard to tell though.

(LBJ) #3

Here’s a new version.!Ansq7V5Mt2BrgQe-U5-NtaXv9Rak

(Cjradical) #4

I’ve been looking over your file and fixing some minor topology issues, mainly some Ngons along the legs, making them into quads instead. I’m also defining the legs with some hard edges. I’ll reupload the file when I’m done with the legs so you can take a look.

(Cjradical) #5

Do you have a timeframe when you need this back? I can probably fix the bulk of it today.

(Cjradical) #6

Been working on the leg. Heres one of the legs, almost done. Still working on it. Let me know what you think.

(LBJ) #7

Looking good!

But can you copy and paste your fixed legs over to this new, final version of it?!Ansq7V5Mt2BrgQo88xwHW6QiN5n2

Keep the orange pegs and big round disk on the inner-thighs.

(Cjradical) #8

No problem. I can do that.

(Cjradical) #9

Finished retopology of legs.

RAY FINAL.blend (4.0 MB)

(LBJ) #10

Thank you!

(Cjradical) #11

No problem! I hope you were happy with my work. If you need anymore retopology done again in the future, you know where to find me.

(LBJ) #12

Could you please seamlessly smooth out the edges of the thighs and make them a bit more rounded?!Ansq7V5Mt2BrgQwoUvB75Yhgv_OD

(Cjradical) #13

Sure, I did it to perserve the hard edges in smooth mode. l’ll stitch them back together and bevel the edges to keep some shape in the creases you already have and make them more smooth again.

(Cjradical) #14

Is this a bit more what you are looking for?

RAY FINAL.blend (4.4 MB)

(LBJ) #15

Yes! Exactly! It’s perfect! Thank you!

(Jason van Gumster) #16

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