Smugglers Forest: First project!

Hi Friends,
I just finished my first project and wanted to share it with you! It is the result of combining multiple youtube tutorials together. My aim is to keep creating scenes like this in order to learn blender, but more specifically cycles.
I just wanted to share it with you!

Have a great day everyone!

Very nice for a first render! But somethings are a bit off. First of all the rock bump is a bit too much and the texture is tilled too many times. Another thing is that the grass is not really transparent just like the real world but still would do for a cartoony look. I think that the boxes shouldn’t be textured but modeled. And finally the tree leaves are too small. But all in all very good scene composition and the shallow depth of field works really good.

Thanks so much for the tips! Will definitely look into those things.

This looks better than anything I could do when I started, and probably better than I can do now too. One problem though to me seems to be that it just looks really small. I don’t think the proportions between the rocks, boxes, and tree are bad, I think its just the grass. It looks like it can’t be much taller than an inch, and it looks very close to the camera. And that makes everything else seem really small. My suggestion would be to make the individual grasses smaller so it doesn’t look so close.