Smws - sketchbook

I’m learning Blender with the hopes to get proficient enough to do some interesting surreal work. It’s harder than I was expecting! I’m posting here to share and also help myself perservere. The first few things are some procedural materials I was fiddling with. The bunny model is from Stanford, the Buddha figurine I have seen several places and am not sure of the origin.

On several of them I used the “dirty vertex colors” to get a different character in the crevices. I know there are several ways of doing this, but “pointiness” doesn’t preview in evee and AO maps respond to things in the environment an a way that dirt/grime probably doesn’t (and baking them is a whole other step).


a wrench I have modeled. I know there are some good procedural rust and grime textures but this is just from photos of the object itself. I’m not sure the procedural scratches really add anything?

Working on a head sculpt; probably a bit ambitious. The sculpting and retopolo went OK, slow because I’m a beginner, but I thought I’d share some progress because it’s hard to tackle without some milestones along the way. The reference I’m using is from

One thing that was puzzling me was the difference in chin size between the front and side view. I realize the model might not be in exactly the same head position, but I tried pretty hard to match up her other features. I think it might actually be a different jaw position?

I’m very ready for any critique you may have, I know I have lots of room for improvement.

finally, a playing-around render since I have an actual model of a head, textured or not:

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Just posting here some progress pictures of the procedurally textured plant I recently made. I’d still like to add details around the leaf margin, but I’m not sure if that’s possible to detect with a texture; is there a way to for the texture to know it’s on the edge of a mesh and not surrounded by other faces? “Pointiness” doesn’t seem to work here.

As with others here, I’ve entered the recent CGBoost contest about a treehouse. There are many changes and different things I wish I had done but overall it’s understandable, I think, as an image.

Most importantly, like with every image I actually finish, I learned a great deal.

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I wanted to learn more about animation so I went through this tutorial by Polyfjord. I added some baroque elements from @1D_Inc collection and made a weird little porcelain body. I think sound would add a whole lot so maybe that is a topic I will tackle soon.

Here is the whole animation:

I am a hobbyist, it’s true, but so SO scattered. It seems like half the tutorials I try, I abandon in the middle because I’m trying a different, suddenly more appealing tutorial. I can’t seem to even focus on a broad subject like landscape, characters, rigging, procedural systems, scattering, plants, architecture, props; instead jump from thing to thing getting just enough proficiency in each to understand the magnitude of effort to really get skill at it.
OK, enough being frustrated. I’ll at least post my most recent thing: a likeness sculpt of Ms Mani:


Sculpt looks fantastic so far, love the mid frequency stuff like fat/folds.
I know how you feel with the frustration - only solution for me was having a clear project while learning, so I can have something to “work towards”. This already filtered a lot of tutorials that looked shiny to me.