[email protected] and Space animation

(billythekid) #1

What do You think? I made the [email protected] several months ago, and the space animation was done early this morning…from the still entry to the weekend challenge.They’re both around 300Kb DivX
BillytheKidGoat :wink:

(S68) #2

[email protected] ils way cute :slight_smile:

The space animation I like less…

Earth atmosphere is too big, and in the animation this is very noticeable, then movement is very fast and somewhat ‘random’ expecially in the first part.

A big problem in animating space with default Blender stars is that stars have relative movements!!! Watch your movie carefully… there are stars BETWEEN the EARTH and the SPACESHIP!!!


(billythekid) #3

Oops! I guess I’ll have to increse the minimum distance of the stars to the camera…

(BgDM) #4

That snail avi was great. Very well done.

I agree with Stefano on the space one. You need to set the star distance way high to get them not to move. I learned the hard way.


(Yamyam) #5

I like them. :slight_smile:

(darkstar1) #6

How do you get stars like that?

I’m kinda new, what are good settings for stars and also if in an animation.

The [email protected] is awesome.

(S68) #7

Stars are in WORLD settings (That little world button on the lower window)

You adda NEW WORLD by pressing on the button with the little square and selecting ‘add new’

Then you pus the STARS button, and enyoj.

P.S. There is a Question and Answer forum…